HELP….Iv Lost My Mojo

Now this is difficult for me to admit but i feel like i need to come clean…   See im a personal trainer & the picture most people have of me (those that don’t know me too well) is that i am some kind of exercising machine that is programmed to go around eating raw…

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The Loom Band Craze & Your Belly

Hey   So surely by now you have heard of loom bands, its the craze that is sweeping the world & everyone is going completley mad for them. If you have children or if your a school teacher you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now & saying enough already so I’m sorry… but…

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What Is The Key?

Heres a question i get a lot!! What’s the key to losing fat without being miserable? Is it counting calories, strictly regimenting your food, eating less and exercising more, drinking lots and lots of water or popping the latest magic pills? Maybe it’s spending a load of money  on some program seen on t.v.? Or maybe it is simply BEING CONSISTENT! The biggest problem that I see is that  people make unrealistic & sometimes drastic changes that they find it impossible to maintain & then they end up reverting back into their old ways & put even more weight on when it…

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The Story Of The Dieter & The Fat Loss Lifestyler

Once upon a morning, two employees walk into the office & notice that someone has bought in a lovely selection of cakes & donuts, You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with the sticky sweet glaze dribbles down your fingers and you end up licking it off because you don’t want to leave any behind. They taste too good…

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Birmingham personal trainer food shop

Take A Look Inside My Shopping Bags

Lots of people are always asking me what they should eat and what to buy when they do their food shop so I thought rather than just put up a boring old list of foods I like ill do a quick little video &  show you exactly what’s inside my shopping bags so here it is. ……..Enjoy!!! PS: Before you…

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best way to lose belly fat

The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

You’re tired of your jelly belly & You dream of what it would be like to have a flat, firm stomach. You want your love handles gone & are desperate to learn the best way to lose belly fat. Sound like you? On top of being less than attractive, excess belly fat increases your risk of diabetes…

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