All About Me: 29 Things You Didn’t Know


Hi  Im Simon Shakespeare also referred to as “The Fat Smasher” by one or two of my clients which has kinda caught on & if I’m honest I sorta like the nickname so I’m rolling with it 🙂  

You probably want to know a little bit about who I am so I thought i’d put this page together & tell you 29 things you didn’t know about me & how I have ended up being the answer to many women’s prayers, but not in that way ofcourse .

So here goes………………….

1. I was born on September the 11th 1980 which means I now share my birthday with the one of the most tragic world events ever, certainly my lifetime at least.

IMG_27372. I now live in Stourbridge with my girlfriend Emma & My Step Daughter Paige but I grew up in a town called Brierley Hill, Dudley in the west midlands where my parents still live.

3. I was somehow Head Boy back when I was at school, I have no idea how because I certainly wasn’t a brain box. In fact I failed my GSCE maths exam 3 times, think I managed a ‘D’ each time.

4. Talking of school I was the typical “easily distracted” & “could try harder” student for many of the subjects I took & was far more into the practical subjects like P.E. Woodwork & Drama because i didn’t have to sit & write anything for those lessons 🙂 despite that I did ok at school & got the grades i needed for college. Still don’t know how I was Head Boy though haha

5. When I left school I wanted to be a P.E. Teacher but after 3 years at university I changed my mind & decided to become a personal trainer instead because deep down I think I have always wanted to run my own business & be my own boss (i’d make a terrible employee now)

personal trainer birmingham6. Im a massive football fan. My team has always been Liverpool & I used to play every weekend from the age of 8 but stopped a few years ago now because I didn’t really have enough time to dedicate to it. I used to be pretty decent & played to county level & I once got to play at wembley representing England with my county team.

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7. During my 20’s, especially my early 20’s I was a bit of a party animal. It wasn’t unusual for me to go out every thurs, fri, sat, sun & mon while I was at uni & to be honest I wouldn’t change it for the world but I have definitely slowed down since I decided to settle down.

8. Talking of partying I once appeared on page 27 of the daily star while on a lads holiday in Zante. I don’t think ill go into that though 🙂

personal trainer birmingham9. I have a younger sister called Judy who I love very much & am very close to. She still lives in Brierley Hill with Craig her partner near to where we grew up & has 2 fantastic young kids (I’m very biased) & im a very proud uncle.

10. Since leaving home I have realised that im a terrible DIY’er & its best to let the experts do their thing. It is handy having a dad who’s a plumber though & general handy man. I’m sure he wouldn’t agree & would love me to be able to operate a drill but I think its best if thats never allowed to happen.

11. Im pretty emotional for a guy, I even cried at titanic the first time I watched it & don’t even get me started on the Notebook, but real men do cry right? at least thats what I tell everyone anyway.

12. I love a good chick flick & thanks to my mother I think I’m pretty in touch with my feminine side while still being very manly of course (apart from the DIY thing) haha

13. I have 4 tattoos, one on my left forearm & shoulder, one on my right arm & a big one on my back.

SP_A009414. Music is one of the biggest loves of my life & despite being completely tone deaf im the guy singing at the top of my voice in my car at the traffic lights like no one can see me. My favourite music is old school R&B & Hip Hop but I also adore Motown which is mostly what my parents played when I was a kid. I also used to have a mobile disco.

15. I love a good TO-DO list. I am always writing them.

16. Apart from Matilda when I was at school I don’t think iv ever read a Fiction book all the way through on my own accord. That is probably why I don’t have much of an imagination, what I enjoy reading are nutrition, science & factual, educational books & articles. I do like a good autobiography or true story book though but usually only when I’m relaxing on holiday 🙂

17. Im fascinated by outer space & the universe. If I had a spare £250,000 Id  definitely be handing it over to Richard Branson & making a trip into space. Im a bit of a geek really & any documentaries on how the universe works are quickly series linked in my tv planner.

18. From a very young age I have had an interest with the human body & how it works. I remember as a kid having my first book about inside the human body. It was a pretty basic kids book but i remember being amazed how everything all fit in there 🙂 Still to this day it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful & complex our bodies really are.

19. Im a bit O.C.D. with tidiness, everything has to have its place. Im more like a woman in that department & Don’t mess with my office or ill come after you!!!

20. I have a fear of heights. I just don’t like them, my stomach goes all funny, I get all dizzy,  its not a good look. Weirdly though I love roller coasters, work that out??

21. Im always wearing flip flops. I don’t really care about the weather I like my feet to feel free.

22. Im a sucker for those late night infomercials. Really i’ll buy any old S**T, but i especially love watching them flog crappy workout gadgets & making it sound like its the holy grail. Amazing. PS: I know you have purchased at least one of these products 🙂

23. Im probably the biggest chocoholic that I know. Seriously, Im worse than any woman I have ever met & I have to battle with these urges all the time. Luckily I have a few strategies I can use but from time to time I’m known to get a little bit carried away.

24. I struggle with my weight if I’m not careful. People assume that just because I’m a personal trainer I love eating salad all day & don’t stop exercising. NOT TRUE!! I can easily pile on the weight quickly when I let things slip. Im sure you know the feeling.

25. Im human too, I regularly break my good habits & good effort. I love the same foods you do (you know, the ones you shouldn’t be eating) I love a good 2 for 1 offer on Dominoes Pizza, I get fed up of training from time to time & can easily get demotivated & stuck in a rut too.

26. Im quite insecure about my body. Im pretty short & stocky so when I do let things slip I can look a little chunky. My biggest problem area is around my belly & waist. This is where all my weight goes.

27. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Because of the work I do & feel pressured to be the perfect physical specimen all of the time.  I have come to realise that it is ok to go up & down a little & that my clients relate to me more when they realise I have the same struggles as them. Sometimes my body looks great & I’m really happy sometimes I look a little chunky & I feel embarassed. The key is consistency & understanding when you are letting things drop, not to let it continue for too long & to make sure there are some fundamental healthy habits that stay in place.

28. Im too busy to keep in good shape too. I hear this excuse all the time from my clients & people I speak too. Were all busy but the difference here is that I understand how to make things easier for myself & save time on meals & workouts to get the most out of the time I do have, so it doesn’t have to rule my life & it can all fit in easily around my busy schedule. These are the tips, tricks & habits you will hopefully learn by regularly reading my blog.

Personal Trainer Birmingham29. My Mom is the one reason that I have ended up doing the work I do. Im definitely a mommy’s boy & were very close. She has spent her whole life yo-yoing & struggling with her weight. She was always on a diet when I was a kid & is so body conscious that it can really effect her confidence so I know exactly what she is going through on a daily basis & I feel her pain. I’m certain that this is the reason I chose to help women & why I get satisfaction from helping people just like her turn their life around by cutting away all the lies & myths, helping them understand what they should be doing & what works.

So there you have it. Now you know me a little bit better. Its quite scary for me letting some of my insecurities out there but I think it is these things that make me understand what you are going through yourself & thats why I thought it was important to share some of these with you.