If This Sounds Like You Then You Are My Perfect Client

A lot of people worry that they’re too unfit or too out of shape & that id rather be working with super fit athletic supermodels but nothing could be further from the truth.

I love working with people who feel helpless & are feeling a little lost & out of shape because that way i can have the biggest impact on their life & the transformations are what I enjoy seeing. It can truly be life changing for people & thats why I love what i do.

Is This You?


You have never been truly happy with your body & have gradually started to put more & more weight on over the past few years & feel more un attractive than ever before with your sagging body.


You are now lacking any body confidence, constantly feeling bloated, tired, sluggish & conscious of your wobbly bits.



You are getting embarrassed & frustrated with your body & your self consciousness is effecting your life & relationships


You hate shopping for nice clothes because you feel that nothing suits your body shape & would love to feel more comfortable


You try your hardest to drop the pounds but without ever really getting there.


 You have tried every diet going & cant understand why you put on weight so easily


You worry that you are beginning to look old & worry about future health problems


personal trainer birmingham hate exercise You hate going into gym's where all your insecurities are made to feel even worse & you have no clue what you are really doing & don't enjoy it at all.


You feel like you are too busy to be in good shape & its too difficult to stick to but don't really have any clear consistent plan.


personal trainer birmingham meal plan

You think you have to eat boring bland meals, count your calories everyday & run for hours on the treadmill (you dont by the way)


You are sick of reading about all the latest weight loss fads & conflicting information & you just want someone to show you a solid plan that you can enjoy & stick too that doesn't take up all of your day & leave you feeling deprived.